Natural Medicine Courses - A Closer Look

What do you do when you are feeling off color? Of course you make an appointment with your doctor, he will get you a prescription, you buy your medicine, and you are fixed.

FAQ's: Natural Medicine Courses?Can someone suggest a good natural medicine distance learning school? Thank You
  • For more you can do a search on the net just type " natural medicine course online" Take care and God bless
  • Go to Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine. They can make your future..
  • Ok if you want to go to a school to get a paper I can't help.If you want to learn from herbalist and gain all the knowledge and the peace of paper does not matter go check out this sight.The guy is a herbalist and view's lots of very smart people there is a small price to pay each month very small amount.You can view a lot of free stuff to get you hooked.
  • If you want to learn, don't waste your time in some diploma mill school for quacks. Go to a real college and then a real medical school.
  • Albert and William. Why do you bother? Why you stay on the site? Why are you wasting your time? Go to the places where you can help. Stop spreading the suffering. We have enough of if. Don't you think so?

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