Random Ramblings About Chronic Kidney Disorder

When your best friend becomes old, it is prone to many more diseases than when it is young. Like in human beings, dogs also suffer from increased illnesses and organ malfunctioning with age. Once your dog reaches the age of eight years, one of the bodies that have a significant risk factor is the kidneys.

Statistics show that a lot of dogs face kidney related problems after they reach a certain age. One of the most prominent markers of kidney disorder in dogs is the failure to control or remove the waste products. One of the possible reasons for this may be the case that your dog sustained some kind of damage to the kidney. When the dog has a kidney disease for a long time, it is called a chronic kidney disease or a long term kidney disease.

Of course, there are other things to consider when talking about chronic kidney disorder...

Most dog owners don't seem to understand the root of kidney disease in their pets. One of the most common questions that a vet faces from a dog owner is that why or how the dog got a kidney disease. Although there are numerous responses to this question, the reasons vary from dog to dog. The reason behind a kidney related disorder in my dog might be entirely distinct from the reason behind the kidney disorder in your dog. Still, one of the more common reasons for a kidney disorder is a sudden drop in blood pressure or massive loss of fluids.

Another reason behind kidney diseases in a dog is shock because of some kind of trauma. If your dog consumed some kind of toxic chemical, it will be very likely to suffer from a kidney disorder. Another very common reason behind kidney related illnesses in dogs is heart failure or the branch of some infectious disease. There are numerous reasons behind kidney related disorders and you need to get very cautious and take very good care of your dog to ensure that it doesn't get a kidney disorder in its old age.

There are so many reasons behind kidney related disorders that you must go to a vet as soon as you sense that there's something wrong with your dog's health. Also, doing a little more research on the cases of kidney problems will allow you to take the necessary precautions and prevent kidney disorders. However, if your dog does get a kidney disorder, it is a great service for the vet to know how exactly your got hold of the illness. This assists in treatment.

There are several underlying health problems that can affect the operation of the kidneys. People suffering from Type I or Type II diabetes are at a higher risk of getting this kidney disease. High blood pressure, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, kidney or bladder cancer, etc., can cause this kind of damage to the kidneys. Repeated kidney infection, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, hardening of the arteries, and side effects of medicines are the other causes of such failure condition.

One of the biggest problems with chronic diseases is that they've been in the dog's body for years and hence, they have already made a considerable damage. This is why treatment needs to be very good and very effective so as to minimize suffering for your dog.

We know that the kidneys are very sensitive parts in our body. So we have to use this problem very seriously. If we left without consulting any doctor then it creates dangers to the kidneys.

The kidney related disorders in dogs take years to spot because the kidney has certain in built reserve tissues that get rid of the toxin automatically. This means that while there are no evident symptoms, the damage gets done before you take your dog to the vet. This is a serious problem that dog owners of the world face. So just take good care of your dog and go for regular checkups and preventive measures to minimize the chances of a kidney disorder.

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