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In the time of a medical emergency, a medical alert bracelet can help to rescue you or your loved one's life. These medical bracelets have been in a position to properly treat millions of people every year and have been responsible for saving lives. A medical bracelet is a bracelet that one wears around their wrist that indefinite what type of medical condition that they have. If you or someone you love has a medical condition, you may wish to consider getting them a medical alert bracelet. It can really make the difference of human life and death.

QUESTION: what is "medical condition"?what is the difference between a deases and medical condition? thanks
  • Disease - a definite morbid process, often with characteristic train of symptoms. A medical condition is a general term used to describe an observation made that can have an impact on the health of an individual. The term is sometimes used when a study encompasses a diverse variety of clinical entities, such as in the evaluation of generalist care. Although the phrase is sometimes equated with disease, usage of the latter term can be questionable in some contexts. For example, the term "medical condition" can be useful in describing entities such as Mongolian spots. The condition is not dangerous, but it is still is useful to record it accurately so that one can explicitly exclude less benign conditions. However, it is not usually considered a "disease" or a "disorder".

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